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Kallitype ~ Palladium ~ Platinum/Palladium ~ Gum over Palladium~ Gum Dichromate

Datura Blooms I.jpg

The palladium print is one of the oldest, and likely most imulated of the traditional printing processes, formulated in the 1870's. It remains a most cherished form of printing, and a very collectable print for its beauty and archival longevity.

"Datura Blooms I" ~ Palladium Print

          Limited Editions Prints

The Flute Player.jpg

The Gum Dichromate print has an even  longer history than palladium. This process was more fully realized in the 1850's, but didn't receive the popularity of palladium. Gum printing offers the widest potential  for artistic expression, refrred to as "gesture" or artist's "hand".  The gum print is the rarest of all colletable prints.

"The Flute Player" ~ Gum Dichromate

          All Gum images are Unique

g. Michael Handgis Photography


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