I am a retired photographer, and this website reflects my artistic philosophy through my hand coated prints, as well as thirty five years oF photographic experience. While my commercial photographic work was predicated upon client wishes and tastes, my artwork does not. I began making hand coated prints in the spring of 1982, after reading "The Keepers of Light". I am self taught, as most photographic artists tend to be. Photographic art continues to have variant meanings, depending upon the photographer's personal experience and philosophy.

     The prints shown on this website are those I have made, then digitally copied for display. The print images in precious metals shown here, exist in a short limited edition portfolio, in an edition of (5) or edition of (3), with the newer images being unique. All Gum prints I make are unique, both gum and gum over palladium. Each print I make has a certificate of authenticity, with the provenance of the print. All prints are archivally processed for archival longevity of each print. The expectant archival life for a palladium print is estimate to be 500 years. For a gum print it is 1000 years.

     I do not have a shopping cart or automated method for purchasing my prints. Any print sale for me is to be done directly with the person seeking the print. That for me is best done via email or messaging, or phone, once contact has been initiated by an interested buyer. I thank you for visiting my website.

g. Michael Handgis Photography



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