The pricing for my toned Kallitype  prints is based upon market value; the price of a print exhibited in a gallery.  My Kallitype prints are in an edition of (5). My print price is $250 for an 8"x10" toned Kallitype  print.  

    I do not post each print's edition number for logistical reasons. For inquiries on a print's price, or other question, email me with the query or print order. Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

     A print can be purchased diretly from the photographer, for half the market value, for most prints.

Tombstone Portfolio ~ Limited Edition of (5)

Palladium Toned Kallitype Prints

     The prints showing in this portfolio are Palladium toned Kallitype prints, printed in the traditional method known as the Poor Man's Palladium. During toning the more noble palladium salts replace all the silver salts during the toning procedure, thereby leaving a  palladium print. This technique was employed to tone the prints for use as examples for Book #3 of the "Alchemist's Guide; Series ~ The Kallitype Print".

Stagecoach on Main.jpg

Stagecoach on Main

Palladium ~ 8x10

Looking Down Mainstreet.jpg

Looking Down Mainstreet

Palladium ~ 8x10

Calvary on Main.jpg

Calvary on Main

Palladium ~ 8x10

Wyatt Earp's Wagon.jpg

Wyatt Earp's Wagon

Palladium ~ 8x10

Three Cowboys in Town.jpg

Three Cowboys in Town

Palladium ~ 8x10

Main Street Tombstone.jpg

Main Street Tombstone

Palladium ~ 8x10

Miller's Store.jpg

Miller's Store

Pd toned Kallitype ~ 8x10

OK Corral Street Scene.jpg

OK Corral Street Scene

Pd toned Kallitype ~ 8x10

OK Corral.jpg

Ok Corral

Pd toned Kallitype ~ 8x10

Stagecoach from the Porch.jpg
Horse Head.jpg

Stagecoach from the Porch

Pd toned Kallitype ~ 8x10


Pd toned Salt Paper Print ~ 8x10

Hauling Freight.jpg

Hauling Freight

Pd toned Kallitype ~ 8x10

Longhorn Restaurant.jpg

Longhorn Restuarant

Pd toned Kallitype ~ 8x10

Barrel on Main Street.jpg

Barel on Mainstreet

Pd toned Kallitype~ 8x10

The Town Dandy.jpg

The Town Dandy

{d tpmed La;;otu[e ~ 8x10

Doc Holiday.jpg

Doc Holliday

Pd toned Kallitype~ 8x10

Gold Toned Kallitype Portfolio ~ Limited Edition of (5)

Portfolio II

     The prints in this portfolio are Silver based prints, toned in Gold or Palladium. They represent salt paper and Kallitype processes. The Kallitype process is the same as Palladium printing, only using silver. These images were photographed many years ago, when I lived in Eugene, Oregon. Each print is toned and archivally processed to ensure print longevity. The silver prints that have been toned in palladium are no longer silver prints, but palladium prints. The more noble palladium metal replaces all the silver salts with palladium salts, thereby rendering it a palladium print.

Bicycle on the Stairs-2.jpg

Bicycle on the Stairs

Gold Toned Kallitype

Desert Blooms.jpg

Desert Blooms

Gold Toned Kallitype

Disuse #1.jpg

Disuse #1

Gold Toned Kallitype

Adley on the Stump.jpg

Adley on the Stump

Gold Toned Kallitype



Palladium Toned Kallitype

Footbridge in the Forest.jpg

Footbridge in the Forest

Gold Toned Kallitype

Bottle in the Window.jpg

Bottle in the Window

Gold Toned Kallitype

Gold Toned Kallitype Portfolio ~ 11"x14"

Portfolio III

     The prints in this portfolio are Kallitype prints, toned in Gold or Palladium. These prints continue the portfolios of Kallitype images with the larger 11"x14" prints. These images are also more recently captured photographs, taken in digital form, enlarged and printed  to acetate film to form the negative, before making these hand coated images.

     Some of these print images will be unique, some will be in a limited edition of (2). Each print will noted as either unique or marked to indicate they will be in an edition, noted as such. For edition prints, the first print in this portfolio are gold toned Kallitype prints. The second print of this series will be platinum/palladium (Na2).

     Pricing for these 11"x14" gold toned Kallitype prints are currently priced at $300 for a unique print, and $250 for the first print of the two print edition.

Slot Canyon #3 Na2 _curve_.jpg

Slot Canyon #1 ~ 1/2

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Into the Light.jpg

Into the Light ~ 1/2

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Slot Canyon 2 clr .jpg

Slot Canyon #2~ 1/2

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Mission Spirit.jpg

Mission Spirit ~ Unique

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Slot Canyon #4.jpg

Slot Canyon #4~ 1/2

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Stairway to the Past acetate.jpg

Stairway to the Past ~ 1/2

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Slot Canyon #7.jpg

Slot Canyon #7~ 1/2

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

Feeding the Pelicano 9min.jpg

Feeding the Pelicano ~Unique

11x14 ~ Palladium Toned Kallitype

Pecan Orchard Sunset.jpg

Pecan Orchard~ Unique

11x14 ~ Gold Toned Kallitype

The Gringo's View palladium.jpg

The Gringo's View ~ Unique

11x14 ~ Palladium Toned Kallitype

The Sunset Spot.jpg

Desert Sunset #2~ Unique

11x14 ~ Palladium toned Kallitype

Malecon de Progreso.jpg

Malecon de Progreso ~ Unique

11x14 ~ Palladium Toned Kallitype

Desert Scenic #3 Cool.jpg

"Desert Sunset #3" ~ Unique

11x14 ~ Palladium toned Kallitype

End of Day, on the Malecon.jpg

End of Day...On the Malecon~ Unique

11x14 ~ Palladium Toned Kallitype

g. Michael Handgis Photography


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