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Welcome to my new blog site;

I have been been blogging for over two years on the subject of POD publishing as it is today. Several things have changed over that time span, as things now do in the digital world. This blog begins a renewed effort to get the word out about the possibilities for authors to educate themselves with before deciding to seek a traditional publishing house to get their book to print. I will be adding articles on this subject, beginning at the starting line of having a manuscript in hand. I use the Create Space POD platform and have found the system to be a perfect fit for authors who have the desire, and ability, to get their book to print in a professional manner with professional standards. Their tools, and site structure offers everything necessary to carry out that task with minimul difficulty. They also offer the purchase of an ISBN number, allowing the author to show their personal brand/logo as publisher. One of the subjects covered in the blog posts.

I thank those individuals who have followed my blogs in the past and hope to find new friends and authors who continue to strive to be the best they can be, while fulfilling their writer's dream of holding their creation in their hands, all under their control.

Good Energy

Grant M. Handgis



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