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Hello from the author...

The real blogging begins today with my new website going live. A new and propitious opening for my brand as this blog will have much greater reach, and I will be able to offer interactive components for visitors, such as photo/video and audio files, and that will allow me to do something I have been wanting to do since I began blogging; audio excerpts. I believe such excerpts offer the visitor a richer experience as well as a good feel for the author's voice and style.

I will also be blogging on POD publishing in general, and the Create Space platform in particular, being that is the platform I use as an independent author. Otherwise referred to as an indie author, or self-published author. Euphamisms for the state of publishing as it is moving. That is a grand topic for discussion and will be dealt with in later posts.

I thank you for taking the time to read my words. I am not always stiff and stodgy as my posts sometimes suggest, when writing on the subject of POD publishing, being that is dear to my heart and a no nonsense part of any indie writer's life. I keep to topic. I will also take my shoes off and kick back for some fun whenever possible as I am human, and tend to write satire. My core nature.

Peach & Good energy

Grant Handgis


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