• Grant Handgis

Recent Book; My mother's Memoir

A recent accomplishment I'm rather proud of is the completion of my late mother's memoir, a work of two years time and hundreds of stories later. It was an historical odssey not only of my mother's life, but also the historical period in which she lived, a period that is so much more relevant to me today because of her words, her stories.

The second feel good accomplishment being the new website, along with this nifty attached blog. Eventually I will add the ability for reader commentary, as soon as I figure out how that works. I will be building upon the theme until it is useful for everyone involved. It has to be fun, for everyone.

I will also be introducing the POD publishing material this week, with the attempt at either creating a subsection to this blog, or a secondary blog dedicated to POD publishing topics. I hope to keep this blog on the light side. The technical side of things is necessary, just not as much fun.

For the writers working on getting their book to print, take heart, the tools are available and the platform awaiting your bidding.


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