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The primary task of this blog is writing about the craft of writing in general, as well as the changes taking place in the publishing world. That discussion, for me, entails discussing the process of getting a book to print for self-published authors; aka Indie Authors. As will be discussed, is the historical stigma attached to "Independent Authors" which was referred to as "Vanity Press", ergo the author isn't good enough for traditional publishing houses. That, has changed.

Thus, this blog page will also include posts concerning the step by step process of getting a manuscript to print. The posts titled "POD Publishing" will be focusing on POD Publishing in general, as well as a writer's guide for the process involved in self-publishing. The posts will be on specific topics concerning each step necessary to arrive at a finished book ready for print, using a POD publishing platform. The platform I will be discussing directly is the Create Space publishing platform. Create Space is the publishing side of Amazon, offering all the professional tools needed for professionally preparing a print book, as well as in ebook in the Kindle format. Any Create Space listed book automatically gets listed on, as well as extended channels, such as the Books In Print database used by all bookstores.

As a self-publishing author, just know that there are platforms that will allow you to successfully get your book to print in a professional manner. The process is not difficult, once learned. It does take dedication of standards for the final product to be everything you would want for your work, once it is in print. This demands that each step along the way be completed correctly before moving on to further steps, as is the case for any worthy enterprise. That means a fully edited manuscript, formatted corrrectly for page layout as well as being grammatically correct and error free. As self-published author, you are also the editor in chief. An practical wisdom calls for outside, professional editing of your manuscript before thinking about publishing. I leave that to the individual writer, as I keep that task in-house. But then some of us tend to be rebels.....


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