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Self-Publishing your written words:

Historically speaking, self publishing meant going the way of commercial print publishing houses printing bulk copies of a book, costing the author upfront sums of money beyond the reach of most emerging authors. With the advent of digital technology coupled with the reach of the internet, printing and marketing are now in the hands of anyone willing to learn the basics of digital technology and how that affects publishing today. The term for this avenue of publishing is referred to as POD. Print On Demand.

Print on demand is the end result. The process to reach that end result has to do with the same functions of traditional publishing, in that each author must first determine who they are writing for (target audience of readers) how they want their work to be presented, and most importantly which POD publishers to use for having their book printed & marketed. Each and every step of this process is accessible to anyone with a computer and an internet connection. All the tools needed are readily available, and most of them are free. In the following articles on this subject each aspect of self-publishing via POD techniques will be discussed, and each step necessary to make it through the process of self-publishing will be addressed, to reach a satisfactory outcome. I will also lay out the process I used for my own books that I have published using the Create Space POD publishing platform. There are numerous sites offering printing options in both hard cover as well as paperback. Each site, as each method, offers up pro's and con's for use, which will be addressed in each article. Each author has the opportunity to get their work out into the public domain of readers using the many tools available. The process is not difficult. It can be tedious for first time users, however, using the same tenacity needed to complete a book worthy of being read, one is well on their way to fulfilling the goal of any author; seeing their books in print.


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