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POD Publishing

The Digital method of Publishing:

There are many ways to get a book published using digital methods. The scope of this article, and focus of this blog is to offer a sort of road map, leading to self-publishing, using digital Print On Demand methods. To remain within the scope of this article I will be using the POD publishing method utilized by Create Space [] It is but one digital publisher. I have used others. For the purposes of self-publishing, whether as an emerging author or published writer, I personally find their publishing program a perfect fit, being it offers a full range of publishing possibilities from being a free service to a one time fee of $10 for a personalized ISBN number. There is no longer a $25 fee for getting your book listed in the extended sales channels, or listed in the 'Books In Print' database used by book stores and other institutions, such as libraries and universities. There are three basic areas for any writer to oversee in the process of getting a manuscript to print using modern digital methods of printing, usually referred to as POD; or Print On Demand publishing. Each area is part of the larger whole, which is successfully getting your book into the public domain, and in front of prospective readers who would be interested in your book. The three areas to consider consist of the manuscript itself, the POD provider and their methods and form for the manuscript, and finally, the marketing tools and structure needed to get your book seen by prospective readers. Each part of this process is important. Decisions have to be made as to how one wants to proceed and how much control the author wants over the process. There are numerous options available for proceeding, which allows a good deal of leeway for each individual. Most of this process is either free, to some degree, or is very affordable and openly available.

I will be posing the three areas of POD publishing process in three parts, beginning with the manuscript. I do not post the process in its entirety as the length of the material would be quite unwieldly, and too much information at one time. In practice, each stage of the process needs to be addressed before moving on to the next phase of the publishing process.

Part I: The Manuscript begins the material on the publishing process, which will be the next post.


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