• Grant Handgis

Part III; Marketing Overview

If you have kept the faith through the process of getting your book to print, you will be using the same faith, in yourself mostly, to get readers' attention onto the fact that you have a book. A good book. If you are feeling that inner satisfaction with your book(s), feeling you have a worthy product, (your book) and aren't bashful about showcasing those books (potential readers), you will have available all the tools necessary to achieve basic, yet professional marketing. These are not my tools. The tools I speak of form a process which is not difficult to use, and can be nearly free use. The best place to begin is with the author's comfort zone with marketing, and budgetary considerations. Every self-published individual has a slightly different approach to marketing their book, however, the goal is the same; getting readers to know you have a book they might want to read. For many of the authors ready to go to print, they may have their own means or methods for marketing their work. The application I will detail below is but one strategy, based on garnered knowledge of current bot behavior on the internet and web page preferences, and past experiences. I will lay out the idea I used with the application I applied to my own current marketing strategy. This blog, which is linked to my web-page is the outcome of what I accomplished using this strategy. The internet is but a gathering place without spacial limitations. It is the medium which is forming into the marketplace of the future. In that marketplace, the website is the cyber version of a brick & mortar business. It is where visitors, shoppers, browsers and others look over the products & services offered on the internet. Which is legion. It is here the prospective author asks the question; "Where am I going with this?" If you are putting together one book, to get that book out of your system, or a specialty book, that is much different from the individual that calls themselves a writer, seeking to be an author, with several books in the offing. If you see yourself in the latter category of writer working on being self-published author, the marketing strategy laid out here will be worth your investment in time and a few dollars to make happen. What I will lay out below is but the broad brush strokes of a finished picture. There are many details lurking within the basic concepts I am covering with in this opening article on the subject. Many of those more specific details will be discussed in later posts.


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