• Grant Handgis

Construction Zone ~ Update

The problem with the original box color of this blog was simply that comments left on the blog didn't show up, due to the default text color for commenting is black, against the black background of the box. An email from a person having commented, then not seeing their comment showing up tipped me off to this situation. I have been working to resolve this issue by altering the box color of the blog to allow for the blog postings, in white text, to be easily read as well as for commentary in black text to show up as well.

Having applied these settings, and commented on the post, it is clear that the commentary box and the posting box have little in common for color schemes. I have now exhausted my available tool kit for making the necessary changes. That leaves me to bringing in the professionals. In this case my web-master daughter, who graciously assists me in web-design matters that are beyond my skill set. I hope to have this issue resolved very soon.

My apologies for the construction zone. I value reader input and continued support of this blog. All commentary, critiques and criticisms are welcome. You are the reason for this blog in the first place.


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