• Grant Handgis

Decisions ~ Decisions

Having lived with the design update using the opaque backdrop I have come to accept the actual look of things. Before any final decision on the utilitarian vs. ugly theme, I will beg my web-master daughter for her sage web-design input, once again, and hopefully tweek things into a functional way to allow readers to leave comments on the blog, possibly elsewhere, and keep the opaque box background of grey, or chuck the notion of commentary altogether.

This subject is exactly the type of thing that derives from self-publishing, and wearing the many department hats demanded of an indie writer. This particular topic is not one best kicked under the rug or feel shame for. On the contrary it is to be discussed, as any other of the many obstacles of being the boss and having control of the enterprise. And that, isl exactly why I will post a blog on this subject sometime soon. There remain some blogs associated with earlier posts on the POD process I want to finish before delving into newer topics.

Good energy to your writing, and authorship activities.


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