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I interrupt the blog focus on POD publishing, for an update on an earlier post concerning the author’s job in all things publishing, this one on the website. Traditionally, I have relied upon web designers with html skills to provide layout and design services for me. Fortunately for me, I have a daughter that is a web-master in her own rights, and willing to take on the task of designing my website for me. After three years of this arrangement, and the advancement in web building tools, I have forayed into the world of WIX web-design using their HTML5 toolkit. I have to say the tools are fairly easy to learn and their collection of template designs makes this process a doable venture for non-web builders.

The website in question is of course the one you are currently visiting, reading this post. Ultimately, the question of a successfully designed website is one that visitors find appealing, as well as easy to navigate. Hopefully the information and product or service of the site owner also serves to make the visit enjoyable and worthwhile.

The original page styling of the blog was a transparent affair, which was pleasing to look at, yet didn’t afford a viable means for commenting on the posts simply due to the comment box backdrop settings, which were black after said comment was posted, as the default text color, via the facebook connection, was up against a black background. Hence un-readability thereafter. I have since altered the background to an opaque gray, which handles this problem without altering the original design of the page in ways that make the whole less desirable than before the change.

Realizing this all sounds too trifle to be discussing, I assure the indie author reading this post that this seemingly simple task is but a single such task in a very long list of tasks demanded when being all things to your publishing brand.

The only reason I would subject my blog to commentary is precisely due to issues and procedures I post here. There are thousands of indie writers ~ self-published authors, that see things differently than I do, as well as have many different approaches to self-publishing than the methods and procedures I use. Discussions on these topics, for me, are vital in keeping the entire process of publishing fresh, as an ever changing process, over time. As any blogger I value input from readers, and that invites a deeper discussion on various topics of reader’s interests and challenges, which can then be addressed directly.

Now, back to POD publishing posts.


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