• Grant Handgis

Being in The Process

Reading over the earlier articles on this blog is a bit surreal for me, reading it as anyone else might, as well as the person behind the articles. The articles are not theoretical, unless stated so. The articles derive from my experience with using POD Publishing services to get my books to print, and eventually to market. The hope of course being at some point said books will be seen by readers and purchased. The marvel of this from my perspective is simply the dynamics playing out along the way. What the viewer is reading is a timeline of my personal advancement through the process of self-publishing. Reporting in Real Time. My intention of writing articles on this progress, is keeping the focus on the process itself, and the responses derived from the process being employed. Hopefully a useable blueprint for anyone wanting to follow this route of publishing. I know other writers who have completed books of their own and are at various stages of self-publishing at this time. From the first stage, when a writer begins to entertain the notion of self-publishing as being a plausible idea, to the final stages of working through the setup of a book at a POD Provider's site. Exciting, that. When it comes to taking control of one's own ventures, I am considered "Loose & Fast. . ." An undeserved moniker, being no one saw me and they can't prove a thing... As far as the Fast part goes, after umpteen years of practice I've come to learn that thinking very carefully about an idea pays off handsomely in the end. One may not find fame and fortune from their endeavor but they can certainly look professional doing it. So, go on, point and laugh, find mistakes and challenge stated perceptions. It's all part of the process of working one's way to seeing their book in print, hopefully sitting on a table in a bookstore with placards announcing the wonderfulness of what you have to say. It's all part of the dream, until it becomes real. It's the metamorphic nature of the process that determines outcomes.


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