• Grant Handgis

Relativity and Time Delays

Einstein's playing around with time/space and the thingy about relativity can be a useful tool for self-publishing authors. His relativity reference between sitting on the hot stove and the lover's kiss being in entirely different time frames. From the perspective of each participant. That is just plain cool. My reasoning being that understanding this relationship, and utilizing it to your advantage keep insanity at bay. Sometimes not quite out of earshot or visual range, just beyond your snapping point. I speak of time delays after writing a book and getting it to print. The time authors wait for sales numbers, a sale number to show up on their dashboard. As duly noted earlier even after the author opens all the extended sales channels and gets on every database having to do with books, doesn't mean anyone actually sees your title, or you. As also noted, having an internet presence is the author's means of showcasing their work, and getting the word out to the public that you have a book. No one else will do this for you, unless you pay for it. There are plenty of offers from people who would be tickled pink to market your books. The charges for this service as well as the variations on what exactly would be done for you, vary. From reasonable if you have some cash flow, to high-end full throttle marketing, with a price tag that can suck your breath away. Do your homework first, and well. There is all that I brought up above. The time delay I mentioned happens after all that stuff has been done to your satisfaction. After your book is in print and before readers begin to buy your book constitutes the Time Zone for which I am speaking. When you first land on this blog and read articles, do you go look at my book listing on this site? Google my name? Reaching readership critical mass takes time. Time for readers to know you are going to be around for awhile and that your writing is worth reading, which tends to indicate your book is worth checking out. There of course is no real honest answer to the above questions, unless readers want to leave comments, like... "Have you thought about taking an English course?. . . or "I read your book and now I'm having nightmares. . ." The one I keep waiting for is . . ."I read your memoir and couldn't stop laughing... I snorted coke through my nose several times... Can't wait to read the sequel!" One has to be patient. Fortunately, to my credit, I have made steady sales of my books over the years, many of the sales from different continents. I have not reached the level of royalties that I sometimes dream about, before waking up sweaty and disappointed. I have learned a great deal about self-publishing, which I am able to pass along, for others to learn by. The Lesson of Time is that if an author is waiting around with their focus on book sales for a first book, it is highly likely that author is fated to suffer greatly. As in any other genre of artistic pursuit an emerging artist/author builds a body of work, portfolio by portfolio, book after book, which builds a following, one new admirer after another, and that takes time. Time best spent creating new work, and putting your best word forward, one after another.


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