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The writing process proceeds steadily after my latest effort, now in print. My mother’s historical memoir “Sleeping Under The Bandstand”. An effort constituting two years of steady work to bring to life. This book was not of my writing, but stories told in the oral tradition, written down over twenty years ago, with updates and additions that could be teased out of my mother’s memory, when she was eighty five years old. Some of those stories were recorded by me using a digital recorder, when I could get her to sit long enough for the recordings.

The time I spend on publishing changes and additions was short, compared to the many months reading through dozens and dozens of pages of shorter stories of more specific topics from memory. The written copies of her stories date back to dot matrix printers with folded, continuous feed paper, all in full-justification. Modern scanners do not understand such speak-eze, leaving the resultant text unreadable. That meant hundreds of pages of small type to be re-typed into Word before any organization could even be considered. The real task was finding some sort of organized timeline that would not leave the reader confused about time and place. That was the real work. The audio recordings filled in the areas that needed context to the larger story.

The writing of this book is not mine, nor are the stories. I was merely the editor, the compiler of my mother’s stories. If the book has faults, they are mine. The storyline, as the stories themselves, are told in the oral traditional in the best sense of the words. I am fortunate to have an old friend with thirty years experience as a graphic artist, who was gracious enough to design the cover of this book. I confess here that he also designed the covers of my own two memoirs. As I have posted so many times, concerning POD publishing, every step of the process must be attended to in order to realize a finished book that is professional, and readable. I was unable to complete this task before my mother passed, October 1, 2013. What I can only hope for is that the job I did with her book is commensurate of the quality of the stories that make up the book. It is her legacy, and my effort to show it in its best light. I hope I have done that. This book is yet another sample, and example of the many posts I have written here on the process of publishing a book using a POD platform. The finished sample below is but the latest example. I hope it pleases the reader.

Latest Book;


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