• Grant Handgis

The Long Term Plan

One of the issues any writer has to address is the long term plan. I don't mean this as a publishing strategy, although that is included as one element. The long term of writing I'm addressing has to do with a writer's thinking about their writing in general, the direction it is going, and what changes if any are to be made along the way. For me, this means an introspection of my earlier thinking, seeking to know better what it is that drives my urge to write. Get the story down in my personal voice. What I have come to find is that writing in satirical fashion comes naturally; easily. It is how I normally address the larger world. Possibly it was the years of reading Dave Barry or Erma Bombeck, and later writers like Tim Robbins, David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs. I came to realize after reading these writers that they were writing in the voice I heard inside. Whereas I had thought at one time that I just didn't have a story to tell, I have come to know that the stories I didn't have back then were stories others expected me to write. Not my own. When you change the way you look at things.... the things you look at change (Wayne Dyer) That changed everything for me. Writing is a trust, between oneself and Ego, or that little muse shit that doesn't come around when you need her the most. We lovingly refer to that as Writer's Block. Not so much a block as a very large dark space where one gets lost searching for that little muse, who by the way lives in a distant place called Mu. It is so secret that it can only be talked about by authors trained in long deep treks into the unknown, and accepting the general frustration of searching for that fabled city of Mu. They are in it for the long run and don't much care what others think about their rescue efforts for little muse. Fools. They don't really believe Mu exists in the first place. Get the words down in the voice of your story teller. Bring the readers into your world of words. Take them on a journey that will show them things they hadn't ever thought about, seen a world that for them doesn't exist. It is your duty, and your talent to tell a story that has a life of its own. So write, and prosper.

One very good reason writers put so much time, energy and love into their work is for that moment when they have the finished book in their hands.


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