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Note to Authors & Readers

Writing about publishing for indie authors has been the core of this blog’s primary thematic message. The material is my story as an indie author. My learning curve for navigating the turbulent waters of self-publishing, with all the inherent demands that come with it. I also have a life outside of what I do. I am a citizen of the World, a caring human on the sidelines of world affairs, some of which give one hope, others of gut wrenching, heart aching consequence. The writer side of me sees unlimited material for stories. The human side of me takes pause for reflection.

As a citizen of the World, I take no sides, have no personal agenda, other than offering succor and good energy to the afflicted, the wounded, the suffering. The good energy in the world is holding its own against the darker forces, the darker natures that create conflict and havoc. As I said, I don’t takes sides. I’ve come to know there will always be differences in opinion, variant perspectives on social/cultural correctness, as well as religious animosities between belief systems. The real core to all those differences remains to be what it is we do about it. That part is unfolding as I write these words. All without my hand in any of it.

I have come to learn that there are a number of “Truths” in life. As a human being. There are two dictums I’ve come to embrace as Truths. The first, a spiritualist perspective; ‘It is not the case that we are humans trying to have a spiritual experience, but eternal spiritual beings having a human experience.’ The second dictum follows the first, and is attributed to Dr. Wayne Dyer; “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Humans are in control of their lives, respectively. And that is indeed an Existential position. It would seem I am channeling a little philosophical muse’s musings. We are all here for Lesson. Trying to be humans. We just can’t agree on exactly what that is. The writer in me sees it all as the magical experience of creating your life exactly as you dream it into be. Writing your story through your actions, your life. I continue to work on that project. For all the indie writers out there I say hello, good energy to your endeavors. For all the readers, and those that honor me by reading these posts, I say may your lives be rich, and your endeavors fruitful.


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