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To have any hope of feeling the pulse flow of self-publishing as a dynamic and ever changing process, it is necessary to interact and observe various ‘Author Sites’. Simply, websites hosting books & authors, for readers who follow the site, that offers a growing database of indie authors showcasing their book(s). I am one such indie author with seven books listed under my brand. The short of it being the more links leading to your name, brand, books, sites, blog, social media pages you have, the greater likelihood you will fill up the first page from an internet query related to the metatags you supplied on said sites.

I am not bragging here. Scouring sites for analysis is time consuming, and speaking to writers it goes without saying, such behavior competes with one’s writing time. Time is productivity potential. You heard about it.... E = MC2 A writer fills that space/time continuum with treks to Mu in search of the illusive little Muse. Rascals that they are, keeps a writer always on the go. Most writers are also readers, who are little different from any other reader looking over an enormous array of authors and lists of books too long to even peruse through effectively. You just know I’ll be writing more on this later. . . There is a rather dizzying array of author sites available emerging authors, each having their own focus and discussions on writing in general and Indie writing in the era of POD publishing in particular. Each of these sites also have much in common, as any author knows, having taken the time to get their manuscript to print and having done every conceivable thing they know how to do with marketing, visiting these various sites, and spending countless hours leaving posts. So many authors noting the same affliction, of being basically obscure in a sea of other authors. Not that their spirits are low, considering their commentary, deliciously spunky and decidedly expectant, of realizing a large reading audience.

What to take away from the dizzying array of information bombarding the eyeballs is simply, the internet is a worldwide marketplace for books. The reach is unprecedented, easy and cheap to use. There has been no greater time for author independence and viability. What I have come away with is that the system works, quite effectively. What we writers have to keep in mind is that we are good writers, and there are a million other writers just like us, doing the same thing at the same time. To rise in rank and readership takes time. Like the earlier post said of tenure and an artist’s portfolio; patience takes you through to the end. That is eventually rewarded.


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