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New Year Resolutions

As a blogger, and serial confessor of sorts, I have come to realize that I need to make some changes with my approach to this blog. Perhaps this enlightenment arrived at a propitious time, aligned with the ending of the traditional social year and celebration of the cultural New Year. I like celebrating, so will wrap the mentioned changes in the blanket of New Year Resolutions. It’s a tradition no less.

My blogging over the past year has been highly focused upon POD Publishing, and the ancillary connections that create the fuller story of an indie writer’s craft, and outlets. When I began this blog, I was more the novelist than the blogger. When you are tasked with creatively writing four-hundred page books, one tends to get wordy. So, my New Year’s resolutions list won’t be all that long, yet I hope it makes this blog more appealing to a wider audience. Thus far I have been speaking mostly to the indie writer, laying out the entire process of POD publishing demands and procedures. That was the intent, although looking back, many of the articles were rather lengthy, and that, could very well be a problem. I bring this up as it is a blog for indie writers, and this is one of the facets of an indie writer’s normal function. Hopefully by my blogging about it dynamically, the learning curve for readers will be quicker than mine.

Resolution 1; Shorten the articles so readers don’t go blind reading to the end. Check.

Resolution 2; Broaden the subject pool such that the blog doesn’t become a classroom. I’m working on that one. One terrific article planned is on terrific indie authors I have read, and who deserve public praise for their literary craft. Diana Peach is a shining example. So stay tuned, the blog will improve over time. That’s a promise.


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