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Cross Book Reviews with other Authors

One of the means of any emerging writer to become more visible, is sharing cross-review and cross-promotion exchanges with other writers. Books listed on Amazon are ranked, basically by popularity through sales ranking, which is driven many times by the reviews a book receives. When a prospective reader sees an unknown author's new book listed on the only real means of deciding whether they might take a chance on purchasing said book comes down to how well the copy is written by the author, or PR firm is one has such means, and the reviews left by readers.

The cross-sharing activities between authors has its benefits, as stated in numerous blog posts. The results seem wildly variant between authors. Some finding amazing success in short time while others seem to languish in obscurity. One secondary benefit of the interlinking with other sites and authors increases the chances of reciprocal hit responses from open queries from meta-data listed by the author on their websites and blogs. The more links associated with the author/meta-data the more listings returned by the query. To do a simple check, google your author name and see what pops up. When you add a blog or website, you will see the list of links to that query increase. That, increases the potential for a reader to come across your name, your books.

That is the basis of the cross-review, with a couple of examples. This can be a simple process between two or more authors of your choice, and preferred genre, or an ongoing procedure over a long period of time. I have yet to speak of some of the downsides of getting involved in cross-reviews. That comes in the next post so stayed tuned.


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