• Grant Handgis

Downside to Cross Reviewing

The drag side of the cross-sharing, for me, is twofold. The first is the time consumption of researching the other author/work, to be able to leave a legitimate review, on top of all the other time needed to get your own book demands, and that brings up the second aspect of the cross-reviews. I do not believe in gratuitous reviews. That for me is disingenuous to begin with, as well as fraudulent to those who rely upon reviews to make a informed decision about purchasing a book. Done right, one should at least read enough of an author's work to make an informed decision on a book's merits, as well as the author's skill as a writer, as an informed and honest review. What that of course means, is in order to make this process honest and useful to prospective readers the author/reviewer needs to actually research and read the work being reviewed. It has been my experience that most authors with books listed on also have their books in Kindle format, and will offer said book either very cheap or free. I try to arrange for a book's review as a cross-review setup to correspond to a five day Kindle Countdown Deals when I will offer the eBook free for five days. That offers the cross-review authors to obtain the book for free, making it more convenient and affordable for them, and more likely they will participate. I have more than one cross-reviews with other authors and continue to do so. The first exchange was with poet Raymond Keen; "Love Poems for Cannibals", listing his logo and link on my two blogs, and my website, with him doing the same. The more recent exchange is with Tiffany Flowers, a children's book author who is representing South Carolina Literacy Celebration, for which I am happy to accommodate for their upcoming events this summer. Upcoming will be ariticles on indie authors who deserve high praise for their work. Every author knows their boundaries with time demands, or will soon enough upon wading into the world of POD publishing. Linkedin via google is a very good networking medium for emerging authors that offers much in the way of tips and inside knowledge of the entire process that Indie writers will eventually have to navigate. Finding and selecting like minded authors of similar genres is a very good place to begin this process whereupon both sides benefit. In that vein, good energy to your new book, and success in marketing it and yourself to the world of readers.


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