• Grant Handgis

Cross Review ~ verses Cross Promotion

There is a difference between a cross-review and a cross-promotion for authors. A cross-review is simply two authors reading each other’s books for the purpose of leaving a respective review of each other’s work on the book page(s) listing site; usually an Amazon listing outlet, i.e.,,,, etc. These are Amazon listing sites for countries. These exchanges can be a onetime affair or an ongoing relationship between authors of any dimention.

A cross promotion between authors or books has to do with showing another author’s book(s) on your website or blog, or having said author as a guest blogger, or have an interview or discussion of their work. This of course is a form of promoting the author in some form. Reciprocally, that author would showcase your book(s) or have you participate in their promotional realm, as decided by participating authors.

I have done this with other authors of whom I respect, and have read beforehand. Sometimes the genres of each side match, which makes the arrangement even more appreciable. I have written a children's book and recently began a cross-promotion with another author of children's books, and who's website focuses on that genre exclusively. Having my logo and book on her site would be of great benefit to me. In return I list her full logo and link to her website on my website Author's Page. There are so many options and outlets for authors today, that it becomes a dizzying array of potentials which can numb the brain. The one thing that keeps any author on the right track is simply integrity of their actions. If you believe in your abilities as an author and the work you have created, there is every reason to act accordingly when dealing with social media to promote that work. The old scrum about only a few authors will make it and everyone is in competition for readers is simply wrong. There is no competition for readers, in any genre.

If your book is well written and is in a genre that garners readership your book will sell like any other book, if it is seen. That is where that marketing endeavor comes in. Indie writers are responsible for every facet of publishing, and that includes marketing. Either pay someone else to do it or put on all the hats and wade into the parade. Just march along with dignity and class. Good energy to that endeavor.


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