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Happy New Year Cheer

Happy New Year! The first day of a new year has always been a time of renewal and celebration. Renewal, for the purpose of reinventing oneself every year to remain relevant and up to date with a swiftly changing world. Celebration, for those achievements over the prior year that are worth mentioning. What is worth mentioning here for readers are the two things I accomplished this past year worth noting; my new website, which includes my blog, and completing my mother’s historical memoir. A two year work of love. I’m feeling pretty good about it actually, being the writers out there know the connection between finishing a book and birthing a baby. Having either, right there in your hands is solid proof it’s real. Both are endeavors of pure love, and for those writers who also are capable of birthing a baby. . . Wow. I take my hat off to you as both endeavors are painful affairs, although, pain tends to disappear from the birthing psyche in inverse proportion to the flood of raw love focused upon the new birthed bundle of love. I know, I’ve watched. A New Year’s thank you to those that have visited my website and read my words. And those that didn't. A special thanks to those that made it through the technical articles on publishing which tended to be rather lengthy. The second of my New Year Resolutions is to cut that crap out and keep it shorter. I have. So Happy New Year to all, readers and writers alike. Collectively, you makes my endeavors rewarding. May your new year be as rewarding.


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