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Progress on New Book

I spend a good amount of time continuing the monologue on publishing, indie writing and other authors, because I see an entirely new episode to Authorship in general unfolding right before my eye. I have utilized the freely offered tools of POD publishing platforms to realize a list of books successfully listed in almost every market globally, and (hard copy/digitally) printed. From my social perspective this is monumental. I began writing before 1970 came around. Trust me on this one, things have changed.

I am less loathe to bring up my own books in polite company now days, although I do not do this often. A practice needing polishing. My new book is in various stages of building the scaffolding of the story. I have never known the beginning, theme and storyline, and the ending, before actually writing the story, before. This is titillating stuff. It is the voice that continues to get reworked like wet clay, changing the features of the face over and over looking for that certain expression that finds the rhythm of the storyline, carrying the reader along on the wings of metaphor. I confess here that takes huge bribes to the miserable little muse I have to go chase down in the back alleys of Mu, in the seedier part of town. They see me coming and the haggling begins. . .

I speak affectionately of “Marinating In Dream Sauce”, a story about taking a walk along a philosophical pathway whereupon dreams are followed, as long as there is someone else in support, to prop up the dream. Dreams shatter like glass, but have the distinct advantage of changing shape at a whim’s whisper. Unlike glass. Michael learns this the hard way, which of course makes the best story, because Michael always likes to please. The marinating continues, daily.


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