• Grant Handgis

Courtesies to Posting About Other Authors

I will be posting an article on an cross-promotional exchange with another author upcoming. A simple courtesy mutually accepted for posting a review or promotion of another author is to send the article to the affected author for review before posting. Even if the review is a glowing one, a preview of the article or review is always appreciated. For reviews, being I promote honest reviews of material actually read, the review might take into account facets of the book that requires an honest discussion or simple comment that might not come out so glowing.

My answer to that is simply be honest, if you feel you are qualified to make such a comment as an analysis of the writing or use of a writing technique. And that is precisely why a preview of a review is important. A cross-review of books also offers the possibility that your book may get dinged for one or more offense, as perceived by the other author. The swapped reviews make the bi-directional roadway of the reading traffic. If they are honest reviews, by qualified writers, the potential reading public sees an honest review of their work, and that becomes a teaching moment. Theoretically. Things can go sideways at times as well. Choose well.


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