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Practicing Cross Promotions

Having covered the subject of Cross Reviewing between authors, it is time to wade into Cross Promotions between authors. The first rule of this practice is; Choose Well. When you promote another writer, you are putting your mark of approval, your name, on that individual’s work, their writing. You become intrinsically intertwined with whomever you promote. The very word itself holds the virtues and vanities in the conditions to its meaning and use. The word promotion is also a homonym. A homonym is one of a group of words that are spelled and pronounced the same but have different meanings. It is also a homograph; shared spelling.

The word’s meaning; to encourage or further the progress of, and to raise in rank or position would be potential secondary attributes of its use here. The three markers to the practice discussed here being; to contribute to the progress or growth of; to urge the adoption of, or advocate for, and finally; to attempt to sell or popularize by advertising or publicity. All this from a simple google search of the word for clarification. I like being on firm ground.

I have made a big deal out of the word, even parsing its meaning and use, for a good cause. Cause if you do not do the same thing before deciding on the right indie author you will become involved with, well I can tell you from my Cherokee blood it is referred to as the Trail of Tears. The first step of course in knowing a lot about the individual you will be endorsing, and the type of endorsement you wish to make, as well as the agreed upon elements, such as their banner or logo on your website or blog. Other elements would include articles they (authors) have written, audio recordings of their work, video of them or about their book(s) (YouTube). All of this is all but free of cost, above whatever you pay for internet connections and website/blog.

Cross Promotions between Authors can be a very rewarding experience with beneficial results for both sides. This article is focused on the meaning and process. Upcoming articles will entail examples of the cross-promotions I have engaged in. What is important to take away is simply that as indie authors, the only (free) promotion of one’s work has everything to do about tooting the train’s horn. Loudly and often. Someone has to pull the cord. Otherwise no one hears your message, nor realizes there are new exciting books to read. By promoting another’s work, it is so much easier to lavish honest praise on a book, than lavishing praise on your own book, and remaining relevant as an unknown author in a sea of emerging authors. What I refer to as emerging authors. The benefits of the practice come next. Stayed tuned.


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