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Cross Promotional Success Story

A very satisfying cross promotional exchange for me was with Tiffany Flowers. Our mutual authorship connection was with children’s books. Our acquaintance was fostered through Linkedin, as we both are members as authors, with our books listed respectively. I chose well, as this woman/author has very high literary credentials and is very accomplished. Also a very lovely person to work with.

An introduction to this woman would look something like this; Tiffany A. Flowers is a native of Chicago, Illinois. She is an author of several children’s books, including the Rooftop Club Series. Tiffany is also an educator, a lecturer, literacy advocate, philanthropist, consultant, writer and reviewer for various academic journals, as well as blogs. Her blog reviews include The Golden Butterfly Reviews, and Books and Brews. This woman is accomplished.

I arranged to send her a hard copy of my children’s book “The Story of Teeny Tiny Tammy” for her reading, and eventual review, for me to use, as well as leaving her review on the book’s listing page on In return she asked that I post a link to a literary project she was working on, the South Carolina Literacy Celebration, which I did, along with other connections to her authors page. That was the basic promotional exchange agreement.

The nuts and bolts of that exchange can be easily discerned from the above paragraphs. The larger and more important aspect of this exchange is the connection I now have with such an esteemed author, and the several links between us that have formed. I also got so much more than I had imagined. Tiffany not only left a wonderful review of my children’s book but went a step further and recorded herself reading the opening prose lines of the fairytale, ending it with a personal endorsement of the story, and the watercolor artwork. For that, I thank my very talented wife Christine for that.

The cross promotion begun a year ago continues to exist, with this article on Tiffany yet another instance of tooting the horn for her accomplishments, and her books. Her wonderful reviews continue to be seen by prospective readers, as well as serve as an interactive tool, having her audio endorsement next to the listing of the book on the landing page and Books page of this website. This was not a merely gratuitous exchange of horn tooting. There are real, worthy credentials and personal enjoyment behind the reviews left, and earnest desire on my part to further the interests of this

woman/author’s literary work. So, choose well, and prosper.


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