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Something About The Authors

I have written on cross-reviews and cross-promotions between authors to highlight a very good way for indie writers to read other styles of writing, as well as sample other writers. The other indie writers being read are an indie writer’s peers, and reading their work is very informative to how you as a writer compare, how their books compare. Much can be learned from this.

Having been involved in reading other indie authors for review and, or promotion has been not only fruitful but insightful. One such insight being my writing, and my books hold up to the books in print of said other authors. That is one self-analysis opportunity that writers should entertain at some point. Very informative.

Upcoming articles will highlight different indie authors as I have come to know them. One such author writes fantasy novels, and is very, very good at it. I will write that article as soon as I hear back from her with her blessing on such an article. Simple courtesy dictates informing another writer of an impending article on them or their work, and receiving their okay to do so. There will be articles on different poets who have books of their work in print.

I will also begin seeking out indie authors who are willing to be interviewed, to be posted, with likely an article highlighting their work to go along with the interview. Hearing other authors describe their writing life, their approach to writing, methods and procedures and other things one can glean from an interview can be very useful information for any indie author, especially an emerging author.

So, good energy to your writing. As you have likely come to know it is not a simple task but a process over a lifetime. It is a way of life, painful as that tends to be at times. What better incentive for a writer than to know that someone, somewhere is engrossed in reading your words and wanting more. That’s the juice that keeps the words coming, day after day. . .


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