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D. Wallace Peach ~ Novelist

D. Wallace Peach is one of the authors I had the pleasure of reading as part of a author cross-review book swap. I have referred to her as Diana Peach, this is not her poublishing name. Turns out we shared three books in that exchange with mutual enjoyment and cross author respect. Writing about Diana’s books comes easy for me having been engrossed in her storytelling over three novels. In time, there will be an interview with her, as she has agreed to participate.

The first book I read by D. Wallace Peach was “Myths of The Mirror”. As I wrote in review, it was a wonderful story of life in a simple township of historical lore, with skyriders of the Mirror who have the heart, and myth to call down dragons in a merging of rider and dragon into a single cohesive union. The story is a beautifully woven tale that leaves the reader anticipating the next twist to the tale, page after page. The voice of the story carries the reader along effortlessly, using rich description and luscious metaphor.

Her character development delved deeply into the mind and emotions of each character involved in the story. The historical perspective overlaps well with the historical record for the period of which she writes. The clothing, food, transportation methods, customs and fears come together seamlessly, depicting life as it was historically recorded.

Excerpt ~ Prelude;

“The Droom sat alone on the rock, her frame small and thin, not young or old; her hair spun into ebony strands, some longer, some shorter, some flecked with thin lines of gray. Her dark eyes looked out over darker waters, luminous in the flicker of firelight. The rock was her rock, a boulder three feet high, three feet round that had tumbled from the mountainside centuries ago to rest on the shore, smooth and gray and cold.

The World spun faster, drawing down sky energies, drawing up earth energies, causing the waters to eddy and ripple in overlapping circles of light, making the forest sing low and hum, smelling like leaf and loam. She felt the tautness of expectation like a bowstring, the calling of her Way. She drew a stone from the edge of embers and studied the markings. The Mirror stilled and she read the Eye:

A stone from the sliver moon and realm of imaginings. Prepare for arising, harmonizing in Belonging, yearning in desire. A strange Way gapes open, make ready for new beginnings. Resolve old myths to fertilize the soil for deliverance. Ah, the World transforms; emerge from the chrysalis, casting off old forms of knowing. Prepare for release from time worn forces. Surrender and soar to the revealing of the World.”

D. Wallace Peach has shown herself to be a master storyteller, and her writing exemplifies the best in a fictional novel. Her words read like descriptive prose, drawing the reader into the story using her lush descriptions of life in a medieval setting, with characters who come to life as they are introduced throughout the story. It was enjoyable reading through the entire book, leaving me wanting more of this delicious and sumptuous story.

I would also point out that in a sense, fantasy storytelling uses the technique of magical realism, or the application of using surrealistic phenomena, in this case, flying Dragons. Juan Rulfo’s 1955 book “Pedro Páramo” is credited with having begun the use of magical realism, which Gabriel Garcia Marques adored and adopted in his book “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. Diana’s use of this technique in her fantasy story delivers the magical realism in a believable way. I do not believe I confuse fantasy and magical realism technique, being fantasy is built upon surrealistic presuppositions, or it wouldn’t be fantasy. Magical realism is most definitely fantasy. Realizing this analysis screams Tautology, I stand by it.

“Myths of The Mirror” is but the first of three such fantasy novels I will be covering. The second and third book are just a inviting for readers. In due time readers, in due time.


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