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Virginia Maria Romero ~ Artist/Poet

Virginia Maria Romero ~ Poet/Artist


Virginia Maria Romero is one of a handful of “Anglos” to be counted among the Santero artists of the American Southwest with works in numerous national and international private and museum collections. A biographical sketch that recognizes Romero as an important New Mexico artist is included on the New Mexico Office of the State Historian website: - under People, Culture, Artists, and Visual & Performing Arts. In 2013 Romero was recognized as a distinguished Artist and Poet by the American Council for Polish Culture. Romero is an award winning artist whose works reflect original contemporary designs that express the distinctive voice of their creator.

Virginia Maria Romero is an artist & poet of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our paths crossed from mutual connections of artists between our towns, on facebook, whereupon we have begun enjoying each other’s artist work. Although I like Virginia’s artwork, it is her poetry which this article is about. Her poetry, in free form is in keeping with southwestern Native American prayer ritual as connection to Nature, Mother Earth. Much of this tradition is steeped in animism and spiritual balance. Her poems reflect this, as does her art.

The Nakashawu (Tribute to Wild Bill (1913-2001) and Wild Vic (1916-1998)

Surrendering I become a vessel

--unleashed, buoyant, flowing…

A gift from Creator,


slippery, silver metallic,

playing with the wind…

Waking up while trying to catch them

I hear their laughter

wild and free




Some of her poetry is constructed almost in Haiku tempo, timed to phrases which hold the reader to the deeper meaning of the words, as spiritual entreaties from a supplicant, in true Native American spiritual fashion. Her artwork reflects the spiritual aspect of her poetry in a complimentary union, as so few poets might do. This is a first peek at Virginia Maria Romero’s work. There will be more peeks to come when I will post more excerpts of her poetry. In the works is an interview with Virginia. Now that would be informative.


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