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Raymond Keen ~ Poet

Poem ~ “I Love the Traveling Christ”

For a different flavoring of Raymond’s poetry is poem “I Love the Traveling Christ”. One might say a reaffirmation of the dictum God is a Verb, not a Noun. His poet’s eye sees vestiges of this proverb through those he encounters in his travels. The many forms of “Christ” or “Christ Energy”. For Raymond, this is not a religious tenet or doctrine, but observations of healing energy in action. Perhaps the upcoming interview I am working on with Raymond will reveal his connection to the poem, and his feelings concerning its meaning for him.

I Love the Traveling Christ

I saw Christ jogging in Wiesbaden. I saw Christ eating a hot dog in New York. I saw Christ spitting on a Berkeley street. I saw Christ disrupting the stoning of a woman in Tehran. I saw Christ sleeping in a Detroit gutter. I saw Christ bleeding in a no-fire zone in Sri Lanka. I saw Christ teaching the children in Burundi. I saw Christ feeding the starving in Chad. I saw Christ standing with a man before the tanks in Tiananmen Square. I saw Christ begging for food in the slums of Zimbabwe. I love the traveling Christ who has no place to lay His head. I love the traveling Christ with no street address.

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