• Grant Handgis

Virginia Maria Romero

Poem ~ “Shenabu” (WAR)


In the name of Peace,

humanity spills it’s blood across the land…

In the name of Peace,

we send our children to fight unHoly wars..

In the name of Peace…

In the name of Peace….


As in her earlier poems, the thesis of this poem continues to underscore the philosophical ironies of humanity’s search for meaning. The poem is set in couplet form for the most part, with the meter reflecting both the Haiku 5-sylable first line followed by a second line in Iambic Pentameter. Certainly not the first poet to mix meter and form.

Much could be deciphered and dissected for meaning, but such analysis is not the intent for this article. What can be said is simply that the consistency of her tightly written poetry continues to demonstrate her skills as a poet. The deeper meanings to her words are left for the reader to decipher, as in any poetry. An upcoming interview with Virginia Romero to be posted later will offer some answers to the questions of the meaning and style of her work.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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