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D. Wallace Peach ~ Novelist

Diana Peach’s third novel, “Sunwielder” brings the reader yet another story spun from gold. The hero begins of humble conditions in life as a horse trainer in a small village outside Casbonny, in the land of Aldykar, a place where war is soon to come and Gryff Worden will be put to many tests, with life changing results. The Sunwielder disk holds the key to Gryff’s path, after he strikes an accord with an old priestess, and accepts the potential paths of his destiny etched in lines emanating from the web of possibilities, held by the copper disk being offered.

Sunwielder brings the same lush depth to the story and wonderful use of metaphor as her first two books. Diana Peach keeps the story moving effortlessly, giving the reader just enough information to compliment the scene, leaving the reader wanting more, for resolution of the ever increasing moments of tension. Diana’s keen research for authenticity has paid off with believable characters in historically accurate activities and battles. A book not to be missed by fantasy aficionados.

It has been my pleasure to have read these novels. As I wrote in earlier posts on cross-review connections to other authors, this was one such exchange, and it was most satisfying and rewarding. As also noted in an earlier post, Diana has a new trilogy coming out this year and I will be reading all three, for me pleasure as well as for reviewing here, and on her book listing pages, respectively. I will also be posting an interview with Diana very soon. After I post “Sunwielder”.


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