• Grant Handgis

Viginia Maria Romero

Poem ~ “Tribute to Mother Earth” Awitelin Tsita (Earth Mother)

Tribute to Mother Earth

Ancient voices,

sift through sand, stars, & stone,

and pray for a time

when the black turtle cries no more…

We could learn something of life

by watching…

The hawk circles

above blue-black mountains,

hunts with courage,

taking only what it needs

to survive….

I’ve watched you weave those delicate threads,

your moves,


carefree deliberateness,

as I struggle inside your web…

©2002-2011 (Compilation of three poems)

Poet mentor: Keith Wilson

This poem changes up the style and meter from the sparse Haiku style to a traditional free verse. The philosophical thread continues to examine human nature and spiritual meaning. The struggle to free oneself from the binds of human foibles, letting go in order to observe and be one with the natural world. Native American Spiritual practice. This one is worth rereading, until the message begins to flow from the words on the page.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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