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I confess that the new focus on authors and their work is a lot more enjoyable for me, and seemingly for visitors, after the many posts of dry and technical material needed to fully explore the process of POD Publishing. Not that this subject will disappear altogether. Changes in the publishing industry continue to evolve over time.

Recent articles I’ve read concerning POD publishing have to do with measuring cost indexes across POD publishing platforms, with Create Space being one such measured entity. The writer was comparing the cost of producing a finished book at each publishing platform, with the average output hovering around a thousand dollars. Costs included editing services, cover design, layout & design and listing fees.

I would reiterate here what I have written in past posts concerning cost of POD publishing, based upon my Create Space experiences over the course of seven books. There are professional services available any writer, and most of those are priced at a rate that is equitable, and usually affordable for most authors. That is not in dispute. Most of these services are carte blanche, allowing the indie author to select one or more, to fit their publishing need(s).

I do not dispense advice to any indie writer, from this blog, on the issue of using professional services in the course of publishing a book. That is a very personal decision. In an ideal world every author would use a professional editor, professional graphic art designer as well as a layout and formatting proofer, before listing the book. That’s a perfect world. Most writers I know do not live in a perfect world.

What I will say on this issue is simply that a shoddily written or produced book stands zero chance of success in today’s market, and certainly not with the readers driving that market. With millions of books to choose from why buy & read a crappy book? The impact of any cover design matters, greatly. It may be the case that one cannot judge a book by its cover, but a prospective reader perusing the internet listings of thousands of titles will judge your book’s cover appeal in accordance with all the other titles listed. If your name is Ken Follett or Steven King, even an unimpressive cover on a new book isn’t going to thwart a stalwart fan of said writers from purchasing said book. This blog isn’t about legendary authors with large publishing houses behind their sales and success. This blog is for indie authors.

My encouragement would be for finding the best sources of support available. Professional is good. It should be restated here that technically, getting a book to market is free, using Create Space. I don’t say this for the several other POD publishing houses as I have not used their services. It has not been the scope of this blog thus far to research each and every one of them to make comparative analysis. That may be something in later posts though. The free part is not something I personally suggest. It’s that ISBN thingy. You want your own, period.

More on this later. There are alternatives to simply clicking on a website to pay to have your cover designed, or manuscript proofread. That alternative is referred to as Gorilla Marketing. I will be addressing that avenue in upcoming posts.

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