• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Poet/Author

Sunset Peak ~ Oct.11, 1978

An echoing cry rolls back again

from canyon shrouded walls

as an eagle glides so deftly still

on turbulent thermal winds

A palisade of a thousand colors

spread before us on carpets of loam

teased the yearning of our adventure

and drove us on to know its peace

when on and up through timbered fields

three seek the summits rush

resting mid an aspen world

we touch paper to the tongue

And all before me lay clouded heads

of rugged looming peaks

standing tall with silent tales

of those who went before

The grass bent low to treading feet

and trails were born anew

the sounds and smells that danced on nerves

breathed a calm into the senses

Those shimmering lakes of a thousand jewels

lay sparkling in the sun

where the waters cooled by mountain air

will quench the deepest thirst

A thin cold air cut sharp the breath

that ally of the wind

sent down a silent chilling hand

pledging conquest to the test

Higher still the path was rising

to icy narrow trails

those metamorphic walls of rock

shield colored arrays of light

We stopped once more to hold this view

and touch this world around us

then felt the thing that calls us most

was unlimited sense of freedom

Five hundred miles the eye can reach

where other ventures wait

from atop this point of Sunset Peak

we've touched the earth today

Copyright 1978-2011

This was my first use of Iambic Tetrameter in four line stanzas. Although I found the timing easy enough to repeat, the arrangement almost begged for rhyme consideration, something I do not participate in. To compensate for that non-rhyming connection ever other line, I used words with interconnected or symbiotic relationships, such as ‘treading feet/danced on nerves’, ‘breath/ chilling hand, ‘rising/rock and trails/light’. It began the process of further poetic analysis on my part, which aided in my further development. This poem hasn’t seen the light of day outside the book of collected work.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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