• Grant Handgis

Virginia Maria Romero ~ Poet/Artist

Poem "Quantum #1"

Searching for something

I found nothing was everything…

Copyright 2008

Stylistically, this poem is something of an unfinished Haiku, or mostly Haiku, with 5-syllable/7-syllable construction and meter. The Haiku 5-7-5 syllabic format satisfies the requirements of a propositional argument, using two propositional phrases followed by a summation or logically followed conclusion. A philosophy professor would likely take me to task for simplifying that construct as I did, however my point is simply Virginia utilized that framework in a simplified form to accommodate another philosophical principle; quantum reality, a subject I fully embrace. Just ask me.. . .

In two sparse sentences, using 5-syllables followed by 7-syllables, Virginia conveyed an entire conceptual framework of quantum thinking about what it means to exist as we do. This woman has been doing some thinking. Akin to quantum theory is Shamanic practice, and principles, both holding similar theoretical perspectives, yet following dissimilar avenues of practice in life. Virginia’s poem deserves credit for conveying so much with so few words. Kudos to her for that.


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