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Guerilla Marketing ~ Post Production

The second phase of Guerilla Marketing focuses on post-production elements of showcasing your book. This task is, in my view, the easier part. Pre-production elements are absolutely critical for any possible success and acceptability in the larger market. Think about it. If the author isn’t effectively marketing their work, less potential readers are reached. If the author gets any of the production wrong, all the work, the book itself is wounded before it even sees the light of day. Misspellings, poor grammar or grammatical errors, poor formatting and layout, and shoddy cover are all book killers.

The post-production focus is of course all about reaching the widest possible audience to showcase your new book. For me, showcasing the book in its best light is the grail of marketing. As in many situations, the availability of author marketing sites involves the double-edged sword Dilemma. There are literally dozens of sites on the web that cater to indie authors, as well as authors of any publication ranking. The other side of that marvel is that each of those sights of thousands upon thousands of authors listed on their site. If your author’s name is queried on the site, you will pop up, with a list of your book(s). If the reading public doesn’t happen to know your name. . . well, you remain anonymous.

As in pre-production costs incurred for professional assistance, the author can buy advertising time or placement within the sites’ listings of authors and books to read. There are reasonable deals for marketing placement that can arrange from $100 to $300, which I believe to be fairly reasonable for marketing one’s book; their work of love. This avenue of marketing would be highly recommended to any indie writer or emerging author working their way into the larger reading market. This investment course of action is sometimes simply not economically available some authors for many different reasons. There are avenues for them, and for all emerging authors to utilize in a fuller marketing campaign.

As I wrote in earlier articles on POD Publishing, I believe having an author website is very important. It can become the foundation for all the other connections to author sites, and if done correctly, will lead prospective readers to your website where your books are listed, and showcased. If the author is using Create Space for their platform, they will also have an e-commerce page whereupon the author can offer discounts of their choosing, when they want, to build website loyalty. I offer a 20% discount on any book bought off my website. The requisite book is linked to the e-commerce/check out page, where the discount code is entered before purchasing.

Websites are now offered via HTML5 software which is basically a WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) or simply, a drag and drop setup. WIX is such a site. Such a website can be free to build and even host, with the caveat that your WIX site will have WIX associated advertising on your page. Paying a nominal fee of $4.95 or $12.95 a month removes the host advertising.

Another free, and easy to use outlet is having a Facebook author’s page, where you are free to post all things about you as author, and your books, with excerpts, release information and other entries concerning your work. These author specific sites are then interlinked through postings, commentary on an author’s blog, targeted articles on either page and logo linking.

There are other author sites and offerings that I will write about next, as there are so many, each with their own means of listing an author and their book(s). Guerilla Marketing is alive and well, and remains a staple for most indie authors.


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