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Author Sites for Marketing

With a website and Facebook author’s page as a base of operations, other author sites should be explored. I continue to refer to a website and Facebook author’s page for the simple reason that most of the author’s sites allow linking to those two pages from their site as part of the author’s inventory of information and affiliation. An example is the LinkedIn site, which allows the author to once again list their books, leave a full bio, and other informative material. Linking to other authors within LinkedIn, as well as mutual personal pages, enhances the likelihood of showing up on the landing page of an internet query. The more internet links one has the better.

Amazon has Author Central, where authors showcase themselves and their books much like LinkedIn. Goodreads, affiliated with Google, is an author’s listing site that also allows for fully showcasing your work. It also has a readership following, and that is a good thing for the author. As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of listed authors, and their books. Ask David ( is another author site that has a readership following. This site offers a review of your book, that the author actually fills out. When finished it becomes a page showcasing a particular book, along with author bio. That page is then ‘sent out’ to the readership for viewing. Ask David also offers a list of tweet links, for the author to use to tweet to the sites tweet list, which numbers in the tens of thousands. That allows the author to fill out a review, link it to their pages, followed by several tweets. You do not need a tweet account to do this. You will be using Ask David tweet account.

I have no doubt there are many more opportunities for emerging authors via the internet. I am only covering the ones I have personally utilized. Most of these opportunities are free, or very inexpensive. The Ask David reviews is now a yearly $15 “Supporter Pack” fee, which allows the author to submit as many books for review as they want. These are reasonable rates for reaching different reading audiences. All of these sites become interlinked with common denominators; your author name, your website, the H1 header of your site showing your tag; mine being Author and Blogger. These interlinked connections add up to improved returns on internet queries that have any of the many metatags you have on said sites. That makes you more visible. Testing this out is simple enough; google your name, or title of your book, and see what happens. If you see the landing page filled with you and your links, you are doing something right.


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