• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Poet/Author

In Eulogy of Bluejeans

So many times I set out to write you down

in what memory there remained

and pencil in the lines of your shadow

left on my thoughts, from intricate movements

you performed while moving about my life

And in the winter it came, with

the slicing cold of November winds

and the empty crunch of boots on snow

taking me again to the warm hearth of solitude

shared when earth and world were only words

When time became my tool, and moved

with the desires you kindled, bidding me drink

of your charms, a drunken fool

from the scent of your hair, and master

of your whims, not that it matters

When now I tread alone, fending off the cold

with a desolate gesture, or am I

remembering you most, to reaffirm a time

when the garden fed our house, the days weren't

numbered, and the children gave us laughter

Copyright 1978-2011

This third poem related to family at the time was for me a final note on a relationship that was to be no more, although I was not to know this at the time. When written, I was living in the White Mountains of Arizona, in a knotty pine cabin on a lake, during a winter when the snow was particularly evident, and the cold less numbing that the realization of a failed relationship. Still nostalgic romanticism shaped the poetry.


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