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Author's Talk on Memoirs ~ Local Connections

I had the honor and pleasure of giving an author’s talk at a local public library as part of their ongoing Author’s Forum program. These author’s talks are scheduled each month, focusing on and rotating different genres, including novels, memoirs, poetry, etc. My scheduled talk was focused on the memoir, which worked out rather well for me as I have two memoir books out, as well as my mother’s historical memoir which I compiled and edited.

I have been writing on marketing avenues and strategies to best place yourself for maximum exposure. There are numerous internet related sites and programs for this purpose, but there also local venues and programs that allow the author to reap exposure and recognition that also offer a return on time invested. Many local libraries seek out authors to give talks and readings of their work, and that has the effect of broadening any author’s fan base of readers. Those local fan based readers buy books and have friends that buy books, and spread the word. This personal connection to readers also allows the author to kindly ask the buyers of their book(s) to leave a review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads and other internet book listing pages for authors.

The library of the author talk also was most receptive to adding all seven of the books under my brand to be included in their permanent collection. Library by library, this strategy can potentially pay off handsomely for any author. Again, think locally, act globally. It is worth noting here that it is a very good strategy to have a good stack of your book(s) on hand at the author’s talk for audience members to purchase after the talk. I am not a greedy person so to keep things simple, and to offer a nice discount, I sold my books at $10/each. I can do this as I order my personal stash of books from Create Space at print cost, thereby making it easy to offer discounts to readers and still make plenty of profit. My motto being; don’t get greedy.

One of the best ways for an emerging writer to get noticed is the local newspaper, or regional magazine. To do this one needs a “media kit”. That article is next.


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