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Never assume, as an IT amateur, when speaking to an IT person on a messaging helplline, that they will understand what you might be talking about, or how to explain it in simpler terms that might be used by Theoretical Physicists discussing mathematical constructs. My questions were answered with the conceptual constructs of an RSS feed. No, what FRICKIN' URL do I put in the address bar in the window that pops up when. . . . Turns out, there are two variations of the RSS feed button to be employed. One demands filling out URL's and extensions which makes one feel like they're being punished. The other one. . . simply click on add it, it plops onto the page and you are ready to go.

I do not dwell on this issue for sympathy, nor a pathetic pitch for pity. No, this is blog worthy because it is a grand example of the indie author working their way through the technicalities of websites and blogs. Those are two of the elements I wrote about in the section on Guerilla Marketing ~ Post Production. Because I do not code in html, nor do I wish to spend the time to learn it at my age, and with a long list of books to work on, I u se WIX; HTML5 to build my website. This keeps me from asking my sweet web-master daughter for every single change and addition to the website, in html. Blogging daily would make that task unworkable.

So, buck up and feel empowered as an indie writer wading through the sometimes treacherous waters of going it alone, like a pioneer French trapper with musket & powder, hatchet and knife carving their way into the rugget frontier looking for the payoff of pelts. Alright, that was a bit over the top, but you get the general idea. Wearing all the hats in your self-publishing business brings lots of obstacles, but nothing that can't be overcome with patience, perserverence and a quiet spot where you can scream from time to time.


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