• Grant Handgis

Virginia Maria Romero ~ Poet/Artist

“Leo Pacheco from Tortugas” (1926-2010)

With feathers flying -

the drums beat

swirls dust

rising from under his dancing feet

His children keep rhythm

with his heartbeat -

as his prayers are answered…

Feathers fly

drums sing

dust swirls

from under his dancing feet…

Earth Mother – Tortuga – prepares for his arrival

Our Lady of Guadalupe waits with open arms

His prayers answered…

Copyright 2011

Virginia Maria Romero’s poems of reverence in remembering those that have gone before are remarkably poignant. She captures the essence of a person’s mark on the world, and the people they know, with emotional clarity. The reader grasps this connection through her metaphoric descriptions. Not of the person directly, but of their actions and the emotional connection to those who are part of their life. The lines speak of a man who’s time on earth is over, with his crossing shared by his descendants, celebrating his life through Native ritual dance.

“His children, keep rhythm, with his heartbeat, as his prayers are answered” speaks of this connection to this transition to the great beyond in a natural Native fashion. “Feathers fly, drums sing, dust swirls, from under his dancing feet...” speaks of the end of a man’s life, and the giving over to age and death as an impeccable warrior as he dances his death for the Great Spirit. The final lines “Our Lady of Guadalupe waits with open arms, His prayers answered” speaks of the crossover itself, and total acceptance of a man’s spiritual essence making the final journey. In Native American culture death is natural and accepted with grace, for the warrior spirit.

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