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I have been blogging on other author’s work for some time now. No, I haven’t run out of things to say on independent publishing and the craft of writing. I just believe in making note of good examples of writing, and furthering the interests of their success as writers. I will of course be expanding the list of authors over time, but for now, the two authors of note happen to be women. Being a serial confessor, I admit that I had been curious about two things. The first, being how they arrived at their chosen literary genre. The second, and here’s the confession, what they might look like.

There, it’s out. It’s in print now. My curiosity had nothing to do with “are they babes”, I’m happily married. No, just simple curiosity, so I won’t belabor that point. Just so the reader knows, both authors are very pretty ladies, which may cause me rebuke for having said so in print. The important aspect of their work is how they arrived at their chosen genre, and secondly, the impetus of their muse. You know from my blog articles that one author is a novelist and the other a poet/artist. Both, in my appraisal, are exceptional writers, which of course is why I continually write about them.

Thus far, my articles have been focused on the work itself. Which would be expected in a blog about writing. But wouldn’t it be interesting to learn more about what makes a writer tick, what’s in their head when no one is around. That has gotten me to thinking about a slightly different tack in the waters of blogging; the interview. Upcoming, will be an interview with the author of an increasing list of wonderful novels; D. Wallace Peach, and her soon to be released novel “The Bone Wall”. What is different about this interview are my questions to her being about her motivation for writing what she terms a ‘dark novel’. And that, I believe, offers readers a chance to peek at the writer, more than the writer’s work. So stay tuned. . .


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