• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

Indirectly So

Did you receive your card?

I guess I sent many, for

it seems I made a number

of trips to the Postal, to

drop the shots of Mazatlan's coast

in the grinning turquoise box

The words tattooed on each one

with care, to ensure readability, and

more room to crowd the many

thoughts I find rushing forth

into a space affording only a

having a nice time...

wish you were here...

message, pitifully short of all

I am feeling at the moment

And finally close, each time

with a simple


I always smile, because

I never explicitly mention in it

the closing words I am feeling,

even though the whole thing

spells love

This poem sums up what continued to take ever more space in the book of poems, although I had yet to come to terms with this particular part of the love of all things I was feeling. Love for this wonderful country I was visiting, and love for a woman are not the same thing. Not even close relatives. One spelled total and unbridled freedom and the other spelled something entirely different. As the poems in the book progressed, I would slowly begin to see where the two sides of love left a rather large chasm for my mental processes to resolve. That would take time. Two weeks in fact.


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