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Virginia Maria Romero ~ Poet/Auther

“Poet Meets Snake Man”

My poems - laid hidden

beneath a colorful Turtle cover

(they speak of turtles,

-yet not really;

they were placed in random

yet strategically



& waiting

to hold captive

their audience,

when suddenly

-out of nowhere a

giant of a man


wearing a T-shirt,

on it appeared

a giant rattlesnake


& ready to strike.

he picked up my book

and began to speak,

“Is this about turtles?”

I replied,

“It could be – yet not really,

it depends

on how you look at it”.

Having said that,

he gave me a look

of bewilderment

balancing on the verge

of sheer terror,

as he cautiously

laid my book down

and slowly backed away,

while I remained with my book of poems

(that speaks of Turtle,

-yet not really;


& ready …

Copyright 2005

This is an interesting poem that I read as a metaphor of an experience by the poet. The lines reveal a blank book of poetry, decorated with a turtle on the cover, picked up by a seemingly large man with a rattlesnake on his T-Shirt. He queries of the book is about turtles, apparently based upon his seeing the cover design, with the poet’s reply that although it could be such a book, in essence it is not.

This situation could be considered the ‘double reflective’ in philosophy, and usually pertains to either ‘getting’ a joke, nor not. The tag line of a joke would not be funny to one that doesn’t understand the irony to the juxtaposition of the tag line’s meaning. A provincially understood word or phrase would not be grasped for anyone outside that provincial group. The turtle on the cover was taken literally by the man, whereupon the poet’s only connection to its symbolism had nothing to do with the poetry inside the book. It could also be said that these lines are metaphor for the sometimes disconnect between poets, and those that read them. Meanings and messages aren’t always grasped by readers of poetry as the poet would hope.

A Different Breed Virginia Maria Romero ©2008

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