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Virginia Maria Romero ~ Poet/Author


Swirling and swirling

around in my head,

out from the darkness

these visions of red.

Out from the darkness

they sway to and fro,

when they will stop

I really don’t know.

I try to befriend them

I try to make peace

though they continue to haunt me

invading my space.

If you could just spend

one day in my head,

you would see what I speak of

these visions of red.

Swirling and swirling

around in my head,

the worst part of all

they come with me to bed.

When darkness is over

I no longer cry,

when these visions surrender

to the sun in the sky.

The sun in the sky

it now shines on my pillow,

and covers the darkness

with visions of yellow…..

Virginia Maria Romero ©2011

In this poem, it is the poet who is front and center, with the lines depicting the swirling thoughts that go through the poet’s head, and remain until the morning sun brings a new day, new thoughts. This is a well known experience for any who craft poetry, with words and emotions running rampant in the poet’s mind, always present, like little muse who don’t want to go home.

This poem also changes up Virginia’s style and meter from earlier poems. She uses four line stanzas, with five syllable lines (2 ½ foot lines), with second and fourth lines rhyming. I had found that same meter and style in a poem written years ago in Mexico. The meter in that poem was not characteristic of my normal poetry, and as here, seemingly just made itself known. Poetry sometimes happens that way. The piece is a fine description of how a poet’s mind works most of the time. I can relate.

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