• Grant Handgis

Virginia Maria Romero ~ Poet/Artist

Wild Bill (1913– 2001)

Wild Bill died

the day I found it


hidden in the dark


in his closet

a little spice jar

filled with her ashes

On the jar was written

“My Vicky”

his memories

held for safekeeping

behind the clear glass

now stand transparent

when held in a certain way

to the light…

Copyright 2009

There is little need to explain the meaning of this poem, as it addresses the essence of love, by a man remembering the love of his life. It was Virginia Maria Romero’s father, Wild Bill that is being remembered here for his love in life, Wild Vic. Both of who’s memory is being memorialized by the poet. A beautiful tribute for love shared, and passed down, to remember.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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