• Grant Handgis

The honor of an Interview

I have been reading a really gifted writer over the past year. A novelist of fantasy stories I began reading for an author’s Cross-Review exchange, for which I have written about in past posts. This was a most fortuitous exchange for me as a writer. Diana Peach, D Wallace Peach, is an exceptional writer, one I have come to highly respect and adore. No, not a personal adoration of the stalking kind, but a reader’s adoration for her wonderful stories.

I have posted two interviews with her about her work on this blog and will be posting more when her new trilogy, sequels to her first book “Myths of the Mirror” releases this year. It was my honor to have had my own interview with her posted on her blog recently. For that, I am grateful. For those readers who might want to read through that interview I post here the link to her blog;



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